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When ordering galvanized pallet clips, why not go with the ORIGINAL!

Jack Meyer Sr. and Irel Meyer designed the original galvanized pallet clips. They were looking for a way to keep their beehives securely attached to their pallets during shipping. As they experimented they came up with a specific pallet and galvanized clip design.

Their new pallet design was important because it allowed the Meyer brothers to ship a semi load of bees stacked 4 double hives high and remain under the height limit.

The galvanized clip(s) they designed were easy to attach to their pallets and held their beehives securely in place during transportation.

As other beekeepers began asking the Meyer brothers about their pallet and clip design, they made both items available to whomever was interested.

Jack and Irel designed two different styles of pallet clips. A double "W" clip design that allowed for a little space between the beehives; and a single "U" clip design that placed the hives flush with each other. Pictures of both these designs are below.

Double "W" Clip:

$0.52 per clip

To order please call 605-485-2221 or Email us here.

Single "U" Clip:

$0.52 per clip

To order please call 605-485-2221 or Email us here.

A.H. Meyer and Sons, Inc. also manufactures other "Special" clip designs at a very competive price. Contact us for availability.

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