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Clover Honey
Galvanized Pallet Clips
Bee Nets

Clover Honey

Our Howdy Honey is made from the finest clover. Extraction and packaging are done right here in South Dakota. Our pure honey is available in 2 pound or 12 ounce squeeze bears.

We also offer our famous creamed honey made from a secret process. This delectable cream is most commonly used as a spread on toast or bagels.

Galvanized Pallet Clips

Purchase the "Original" Galvanized Pallet Clips here. Our 16 gauge steel pallet clips resist rust and are pre-drilled for nailing directly to the pallet. One style, the double, has a half inch "spacer" in the center to hold the hives apart. The other style, the single, holds the hives tight together.

Custom Bee Nets

Are you interested in the best netting available for hauling the smallest to the largest loads of bees safely?

Our made to order nets are constructed from durable vinyl-coated polyester to fit your truck or trailer. The mesh is wider spaced for better ventilation. Every seam is double-stitched for extra strength.

Gather your truck or trailer measurements for a Price Quote Today!

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