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A.H. Meyer & Sons, Inc.

A.H. Meyer & Sons, Inc. has been a part of the Beekeeping Industry since the early 1930's.    A.H. Meyer learned the beekeeping trade from Nephi Miller.  Although times weren't always easy in the beekeeping industry, A.H. and his two sons, Irel and Jack Sr., continued to persevere, innovate, and adjust to industry changes.  The company became known for it's honesty, kindness, ingenuity, and adaptability.  

A.H. Meyer and Sons, Inc. is now a 4th generation family owned and operated company.  Jack Jr.  fought for beekeepers and the beekeeping industry in Washington DC as a member of the American Honey Producer's Legislative Committee.  Today, his children, JB, Ken and Melissa continue the family beekeeping tradition with the company's beeswax rendering service, rent-honey packing, manufactured pallet clips, and other beekeeping related projects.