Beeswax Rendering Service

A.H. Meyer & Sons, Inc. understands that commercial beekeeping is not the same as in past generations.  There are more challenges in bee health and hive management, honey production, pollination, logistics and employment.  

As a family owned and operated business that has been in the beekeeping industry for almost 90 years, we understand that beeswax is an important income source for beekeepers.  Increase your efficiency by sending us your cappings, slum and frames to render for a reasonable rendering fee.  Once rendered, you will receive a check for the crude beeswax that your rendering produced.

We make rendering and selling beeswax a simple process so you can focus on your bee health, honey production and pollination contracts.

A. H. Meyer & Sons, Inc. Renders and/or Purchases Crude Beeswax from Beekeepers whose hives are in the USA.

For pricing and questions, please contact us either by email or call 605-485-2221.